Marine Insulation

Marine Insulation is involved with all aspects of insulation used for thermal, sound control and personnel protection on Navy ships and private vessels.

Our Services and Capabilities Included:





•  Removal and re-insulation of hulls, bulkheads, tanks, exhaust
   systems, piping, ducts, economizers, pumps and other types
   of marine equipment and habitability environments.
•  Installing many types of insulation materials including:     
   Fiberglas, Non-Halogen Flexible rubber, polyimide foams, 
   Mylar and glass cloth faced insulation.
•  Design, fabricate and install re-moveable pads and are
    specialists in cold storage applications.
•  Our employees are trained and certified in:
  • PCMS tile installation
  • OSHA 10-Hour Maritime #7615
  • Our work is compliant with ISO  9001standards and NAVSEA
•  We are a longstanding member of Virginia Ship Repair Association
    and VRSA OSHA Partnership.